*I had no idea what this class was about, but I took it for CEU (continuing education).  At the end of the class I realized that this was far more than just continuing education.  I will use if for life.

*I loved Jan Tait’s Healing Touch Class.  She s tart s at the beginning, all things are made of energy, according to Albert Einstein.  Our energy field extends beyond our bodies.  It can be calmed when it is excited.  It can be smoothed when it is rough.  This is the basis of Healing Touch and the foundation of native medicine throughout the world and throughout time.  Only Western societies have gotten away from it.  Healing Touch is a way to use the ancient wisdom for the benefit of mankiThe class proceeds through two days and is logical int its progression.  We understand the logic and experience it through many Healing Touch techniques.  The class builds to an amazing conclusion.

My best patient to date is me.  I play Pickleball for to long too many days a week.  My muscles are sore and weak…almost all the time.  I have been using the techniques I learned to relieve my own soreness.  They are much better than aspirin or ibuprofen and have no side effects. Wally Dean

*It has come to my realization that Healing Touch is more than just the laying of hands,  it is a state of being.  It is setting the intention to walk in love and light through out the day. People will ultimately respond to your energy field and you will be amazed how many lives you can touch.  I initially started this program to enhance my practice.  Instead, it opened my eyes and shown me who I truly am, a being of love and light.

It is true that we all respond and feel everyone’s enery fields.  However, when we walk in a state of love and light, we have the ability to change someone else’s filed and heal them by just being present.  This to me is also Healing Touch.

*”I amputated two fingers and severely fractured a third. My pain level was in the 7-8 range (even with strong pain medication) and with “Healing Touch” treatment, I was totally pain-free for many hours. I cannot say enough about “Healing Touch” therapy. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is in pain.”-Dennis Brown from Oxford Michigan

*”I highly recommend the Healing Touch classes. The experience is like going on a retreat. After the class I felt a sensation of spiritual peace and complete relaxation.” -Carol Compagnoni

*”Jan Tait brought Healing Touch into my life when I was recovering from cancer, radiation and a serious hospital infection. When I was feeling physically battered and my spirits were rattled to the core, Healing Touch treatments realigned my body and soothed my soul.”-Annis Pratt, Ph.D.